High Plains Droner

High Plains Droner

This is a rescheduled event. It was postponed initially due to health considerations.

We will be running the wingman challenge and possibly some more sub-250 racing this Sunday. If anyone wants to run a UTT track, please post your desired UTT# to the FoCo FPV Facebook group.

Calling all high plains pilots! Get your Colorado FPV on this Sunday at McConnell field in Laporte.  Come down early to help design the track. Invite your friends and relatives, this race is sure to be one to remember.

Please refer to our new social distancing policy before signing up for the race. FoCo FPV is taking great effort to ensure everyone's health and safety. We will do our absolute best to ensure that everyone's safety expectations are met so we can all fly in a comfortable setting.


After a hot day of racing Ben goes home the big winner, again. In addition to taking the W, he cleaned up in the spot landing department, totaling 5. Check out the FoCoX Leaderboard here.

Improv Freestyle:

The freestyle send was super close, nearly a tie. Thanks for voting everyone. I don't have the patience for freestyle. You need to be patient to make those slow rolls and loops, and pull off tricks before impacting the Earth!

Andrew "Microdot" OConnell, takes the win with an average score of 8.40 out of 10. Ben "SweetFPVName" Hildreth nearly takes it with a score of 8.375 out of 10.