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Fort Collins FPV is a drone racing club located in Northern Colorado. FoCo FPV regularly hosts indoor and outdoor MultiGP races. We always welcome new pilots and encourage everyone interested in this amazing new sport to contact us or join our facebook group.

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Announcing FoCoX

It's like FoCoMX, but way better

The FoCoX FPV Racing Series is a brand new biweekly event meant to offer pilots a wide variety of FPV fun and excitement.

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FoCo FPV is adhering to all possible safety precautions. We will be accommodating everyones self distancing requirements in an effort to allow us to fly in a worry free environment. See Social Distancing Policy

Thank you FoCo pilots for all of your support thus far this season!

Latest Sends

2021 Tiny Whoop Season Premiere

After over a year of no indoor racing, WE'RE BACK BABY!

We're kicking off the indoor whoop racing season this Tuesday, November 23rd, at Prost Biergarten in Old Town Fort Collins. Dust the cobwebs off your Whoop and get down here for some of the best beer and fastest racing in northern Colorado!