It's like FoCoMX, but way better

Exciting, Extreme, and Experimental

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The FoCoX FPV Racing Series is meant to offer pilots a wide variety of FPV fun and excitement. The concept is simple: We will be breaking the norm every weekend.

Throughout the FoCoX season we will be experimenting with different types of races, formats and special challenges. The sky is the limit! Well, 400' AGL of sky that is.

If you want to check out the 2020 show, just visit the FoCoX 2020 page.

Have an idea or want to fly a specific UTT? Suggestion box | MultiGP UTT Tracks

Everyone loves stress free flying. The FoCoX Series seeks to find the middle ground between FunFly and serious MultiGp racing. Allowing pilots the stress free sends associated with FunFlying, while enabling the thrills and challenges of real racing.

Here are a few of the things in store:

  • UTT Tracks for official leaderboard placements
  • FreeStyle Challenges
  • Toothpick Class/Sub 250 racing
  • Drag Racing
  • Training on specific obstacles
  • Themed Tracks (IO, DRL style, etc)
  • Team Racing
  • Head to Head pilot challenges
  • Quad Games

But wait, there's more:

This is a series, and there will be prizes. FoCo FPV will be tallying individual pilot points throughout the series and crowning Mr or Ms FoCoX 2020 at the end of the season. Since the goal of this series is fun, you can expect to accrue points for a wide variety of wacky reasons, not just winning. We'll be working on details and on prizes as we progress.

  • Points for just showing up to send it
  • Points for sick builds
  • Bonus Points for style, as always
  • Fastest lap
  • Points for destroying your craft (per item broken basis, you deserve it)
  • Points based on specific challenges or race formats
  • Mega Points for consistency
  • "Bringing the Beer" Points
  • Track Designs
  • Points for suggestions
  • Bring a Friend earn a Point
  • Bring two friends, earn double points (2)

FoCoX 2021 Points

Note: FoCo FPV reserves the right to delegate points to whomever we want, whenever we want, and for any reason. That's just how we are rolling in this series. Making it a win win for everyone who participates!