However you got to this page, you wont regret it. Flying FPV aircraft and racing drones is one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have. You might think we are exaggerating, but there is no doubt. Being able to experience flight in the first person, or first hand is a fundamental dream of humankind.

Where to Start?

Those of us considered "Old School" found our way to the sport via YouTube. Not knowing of the sport's existence, then being exposed to a single video, and consequently being hooked for life. This 2014 video spread the hobby like wildfire.

Note: These machines are antiques at this point

DRL - The Big Time

Drone racing evolves at an insane pace. In just a few short years, the sport leaves the realm of tinkerers and enters the mainstream.

Freestyle/Cinematic, The other side

The other side of the sport is perhaps the most impressive visually. Meet Chris, WestPsyde FPV, out of Grand Junction, Colorado. The Western US is such an amazing place to live and to fly. This year in review vid will give you a taste of the extreme side of the sport and where it is taking some of us. Subscribe to this channel, you won't be disappointed.

I was sold in the first thirty seconds, what now?

Join some local Facebook groups. The community is the absolute best supporter of the hobby. Sharing knowledge and passing on used equipment is commonplace. If you are going to be building your own FPV racing drone, being able to ask questions in your community is very helpful when getting started. Don't just join your local groups, join as many as you can! Here are a few to help get started.

Colorado Groups

Other Groups

Find a race

Many of the facebook groups will probably have links to local races and you may have already discovered MultiGP. This is the organization that runs the majority of races globally and you can find local races on their website.

Go to a race and put some goggles on. You wont truly get an understanding of the sport until you are immersed in the experience of flying while watching first person view.

When you are ready sign up on MultiGP:

  • Decide on a nickname, or pilot handle
  • Navigate to MultiGP and register
  • Add some craft to your hanger, otherwise you can do this at any point
  • Join a local race and begin your FPV journey

What to fly

Getting into the type of equipment to buy and or types of drones is a little beyond the scope of this page. The community can certainly help you out with options and even provide used gear for much less than you would pay new. The sport grows so fast that the flow of used equipment is great.

General Gear

  • FPV Goggles
  • RC Radio Transmitter (Controller)
  • FPV Quadcopter
  • Battery Charger

Building vs BNF or RTF. Bind and Fly and Ready to Fly are two terms you will need to be familiar with. RTF means that you will receive and entire kit including everything you need to fly. BNF stands for bind and fly, meaning you already have a transmitter radio and will just connect that to your new drone.

There are many high quality FPV racing drones out there. I will detail a few of the advantages below:

Build Your Own

  • You can customize and maximize the performance by mixing and matching parts
  • You gain a greater understanding of how the components are put together
  • Fixing machines you have built is easier because you built them
  • Most racers build their own craft, you will most likely end up doing the same

Buy Pre-Built

  • Less apprehension about crashing due to less time investment building
  • You can just go fly, learning how to build can happen while you are learning the ropes of piloting
  • Quality Build: Unless you are experienced with electronics, it will take time to learn how to put these together, fires happen

That's about it for this get started tutorial. Below is a list of links you should bookmark. It may include youtube channels, websites, and FPV stores.