The wingman challenge is a test of skill, communication, and consistency. The object of the heat is to partner up with another pilot and navigate the course together. Staying close enough so as to not get more than one obstacle … Read More

King of the Mountain

A landing pad will be created to act as the mountain to be king of Competitors are staged in a circle around the pad equidistant from the center The challenge is started on a 3 minute timer Pilots attempt to … Read More

Musical Chairs

This one is kind of self explanatory. If you haven't played musical chairs, not sure what to tell you. Google it. Challengers must race FPV, googles down A judge will be on hand to make decisions in cases where two … Read More

Consecutive 3

Consistency is a fundamental of FPV Racing. The 2019 MultiGP season adopted a "Fastest Consecutive 3" method of qualifying for the 2019 championship season. Anyone who tried to qualify knows how challenging stringing together 3 fast laps is. The key … Read More