KishZilla VS Evil Munkey

KishZilla VS Evil Munkey

We are naming this race in honor of two of our favorite pilots. Travis and Mike. We will be providing them a fun half time challenge created especially for them.

Come down to Prost brewing to race, and to say hello to two of our veteran pilots. Root for your favorite pilot in this epic saga we call "KishZilla VS Evil Munkey."

Until further notice all of our races will also be geared toward new pilot orientations. New pilots and "Soon to Be" pilots are invited to join us to ride along with our competitors and learn more about the amazing sport of drone racing. Experience the action first hand, and see if you have what it takes to be an FPV racer. Pilots will be on hand to answer questions and get you started flying!

Thank you Mike & Travis. In this challenge of epic proportions KishZilla takes the Win. Both pilots nailed their post race average lap time estimate, but the decisive factor was the pre race shot in the dark guess. Kish pre:20sec post:18sec, average lap time 18. Munkey, pre:30sec post:22sec, average lap time 21. Nice flying. Right on the money estimate wise. Impressive.

The Hydra Podium:

  • KyteFPV
  • OkuruFPV
  • KishZilla