2020 GQ

2020 GQ

Race Results:

The Other Guys and FoCo FPV are teaming up again to bring you twice the Global Qualifiers for the 2020 MultiGP Championships! We'll be using the field at Hartford Complex in Longmont, and doing two GQs on two different weekends - August 8/9 and August 22/23.

There may be a limit on pilots, so sign up quick! We'll let everyone know as soon as we've started using wait lists.

Camping over the weekend is allowed, but please read the TOG details at https://www.facebook.com/groups/theotherguysfpvracing/permalink/2738610896379698/ and be sure to be super respectful.

Signups are ready - feel free to attend either or each event. It's simply $10 a day, paid to whichever club is running that day.

Saturday, August 8th, TOG: https://www.multigp.com/races/view/?race=20801/-2020-MultiGP-Championship-Qualifier---The-Other-Guys-1

Sunday, August 9th, FoCo FPV: https://www.multigp.com/races/view/?race=20761/2020-MultiGP-Championship-Qualifier---FoCo-FPV-1

Saturday, August 22nd, TOG: https://www.multigp.com/races/view/?race=20802/2020-MultiGP-Championship-Qualifier---The-Other-Guys-2

Sunday August 23rd, FoCo FPV: https://www.multigp.com/races/view/?race=20762/2020-MultiGP-Championship-Qualifier---FoCo-FPV-2