Lately we've seen the emergence of a new grass-roots form of racing known as "PRIG spec", brought to us by the madmen over at Drone Racing Street League ( This spec is based around the 7" Practice Rig made by Project399. These quads are powerful and nearly unbreakable, and are an insane amount of fun to fly!

However, many a 5" quad has quivered in its propwash at the sight of a PRIG bearing down upon it. When the two collide, the winner is an easy bet, and the damages aren't usually small. FoCo FPV has come up with our new policy to handle the two being at the same event:

Oversize/PRIG class policy:

When you arrive at the race, you'll declare either 5" or PRIG spec for the day. If you have selected 5", you will not encounter a single PRIG in any of your races! If you instead selected PRIG, you will be placed into a dedicated PRIG heat, where you can fly either PRIG or 5" at your discretion - but you will be flying amongst PRIGs, and will accept this risk to your hardware!

In either case, your times will be counting towards the end-of-the-day Mains races - which will feature ONLY 5" quads! We will also hold an additional Mains breakdown for PRIG-only, but these will also be seeded using your combined times for the day, regardless of whether it was done with PRIG or 5".