As we're all aware, the spread of COVID-19 has changed our daily lives. It is also causing major divisions of thought and behavior, as we see that we all have very different ways of handling the pandemic. While FoCo FPV is going to abstain from any discussions and debates, we feel very strongly that we must come up with a standard that makes EVERYONE feel safe, in order to facilitate what we all love - racing together!

  • The following FoCo FPV rules apply to both the registered pilots and to the general public that attends, including all guests of racers. The pilot is responsible for all people they bring with them. If you bring a child or a pet, please be prepared to control their movement.
  • We will be limiting attendance for each race based on the current recommendations of the city, county, and state, and also based on our own concerns. On May 25th, Larimer County increased the gathering limit to 50 people, provided precautions are taken. However, we will still be working with pilot limits in order to ensure safety for all, and will likely increase these numbers as we can - safely.
  • PLEASE HAVE A MASK AVAILABLE, no matter what. You will be in areas from time to time that will require it. If you are not able to accommodate a mask, please do not come to the event.
  • Due to local shortages, we will not be able to provide masks or hand sanitizer. We highly recommend that you bring some hand sanitizer and use it often.
  • For the foreseeable future, we will be mandating a policy based on location: when you're in someone else's space, you will follow the safety precautions that THEY require. In this way, we hope that everyone can maintain their own safe space on the field, and can behave as they wish within that space. You can even use your car for this - we'll allow you to park strategically. We will be providing you with signs for your area denoting that you'd like to be left alone, or you'd like to have masks worn, or you're cool with nothing more than standard precautions. We believe that we can set everyone up with a minimum of 15' distance between every tent site. Sharing tents and other personal spaces is fine, provided that the "owner" of the space agrees.
  • We will also be mandating that, when near any admin area (tent, etc.) that you wear a face mask using proper methods the entire time. Any public areas, such as a charging table or a cooking area if one arises, will be considered admin areas.
  • On the flight line, we may or may not mandate masks, as these chairs will be separated by a good distance. However, we will also be extending the flight line virtually to anywhere you would like to sit while racing. The admins will try to coordinate this to the best of their ability, but please be considerate when we stumble - we'll get better at this. Anyone who requires a masked environment at all times is encouraged to use their "protected" area as their flight line.
  • We will be enforcing a quarantine of anyone showing any symptoms; you very likely may be asked to leave, with a refund of course. We have a no-touch thermometer available, and may request that you allow us to take your temperature. Please understand that if we have any reason to fear for others' health based on yours, we will be asking you to leave the event. Please understand that we would never want to do this, and would only do it to protect the other racers.
  • We will possibly have to make decisions on the fly as events progress. Keep in mind that we only will do this when we're concerned for the safety of our members. When we ask you to change something about your environment or behavior, please do so without a debate. This, too, can be grounds for removal from the event. ALL ADMIN DECISIONS ARE FINAL.
  • Anyone asked to leave will have their racing fee refunded, unless the event is more than 50% complete.
  • If you feel that you have been treated unfairly at an event, please get in touch with us and let us know. We're doing this for our members, and want to be certain that everyone is accommodated.
  • PLEASE do not come to these races if you have strong concerns about your health! Attendance is done at your own risk; it's up to you to understand all implications. Be safe instead, and we'll see you soon enough!
  • We will be changing this policy as time goes on in order to provide both the appropriate level of safety and also the best time for our pilots. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time with no notice.

Please excuse the harshness of these rules. Our community is a really good one, and we don't expect any problems at all. But we do require that this special circumstance be handled with no exceptions.

Moving to a more positive note, LET'S GET RACING!

Please also see the MultiGP recommendations; we fully support these:

Recommendations during this global pandemic

Social Distancing
Worldwide, Social Distancing is the key strategy that has shown success in Countries believed to have slowed the spread of Covid-19. It is essentially mandated by every health authority during this pandemic.

A list of considerations for drone races includes, but IS NOT LIMITED TO:

  • Maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet or 2 meters from others when possible
  • Do not share FPV Goggles
  • Disinfect any objects people have had contact with (screens, computers, cables, etc.)
  • Provide hand sanitizing dispensers in prominent locations and consider providing additional tissues should someone develop respiratory symptoms
  • Promote frequent hand sanitizing
  • Discourage handshakes, high-fives, etc.
  • Discourage the sharing of food, snacks or drinks
  • Require that anyone exhibiting symptoms not attend and/or leave immediately (while avoiding public transportation)
  • Discourage anyone with high-risk medical conditions from attending (asthma, pregnancy, heart or lung disease, diabetes, age-related susceptibility or any other compromised immune issue)
  • Discourage non-essential travel (i.e. plane trips)
  • Discourage shared accommodation beyond existing roommates, family, etc.

We strongly encourage everyone to research the efforts to curb the spread of Coronavirus. MultiGP will continue to monitor all of the appropriate medical advice and we encourage all members of our community to take all necessary precautions, and we look forward to flying with you at a big event when Covid-19 is no longer a major threat.