Consecutive 3

Consistency is a fundamental of FPV Racing. The 2019 MultiGP season adopted a "Fastest Consecutive 3" method of qualifying for the 2019 championship season.

Anyone who tried to qualify knows how challenging stringing together 3 fast laps is. The key to this is consistency and developing the mindset to pace yourself enough to get 3 fast laps.

The Challenge

The goal of the game is to guess what your average lap time will be in the challenge heat. Pilots will have two chances to estimate an average lap time. One guess before flying the track, and the second guess after flying heats in the regular race, just before the challenge begins.

The Consecutive 3 challenge heat is a 2 minute race. Heats can be run by individual pilots, or with multiple pilots on the track. At the completion of the challenge, the fastest 3 consecutive laps will be averaged, then that value will be compared to the two estimates provided by the pilots.

  1. Conduct track walk
  2. Challengers make first lap time estimate
  3. Race heats are run as usual
  4. Challengers are asked to provide their second estimate
  5. Challenge heat is run
  6. Estimates and times entered below to calculate score


  • Scores are tallied based on how close you are to your estimates. The lowest score wins, zero being a perfect score.
  • Get Faster Bonus: If you are faster than your estimate, this will score better than if you are slower than your estimate.